↗️Direct Catalog Sync

When your account has Full Control access to both the Catalog and the Pixel

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Catalog sync from Two Owls

πŸ‘€Is it for me? If you have all the necessary permission, you can use this to directly sync products to a Facebook Catalog without having to copy/paste a feed link.

Login to your Facebook Account from the app

Follow 8 feed customization steps to set up your catalog

πŸ‘‰ 8 steps

if you prefer watching, check the video below

Connect the Catalog with a pixel (important)

It’s a must to run retargeted ads. The pixel logs all events where people show interest in certain products, together with the product id. Say you want to retarget people who have added item X to cart but have not yet purchased, you need to give Facebook both the item ID & the information about people who have taken actions. This is where you need the pixel data.

Do I need to use the pixel installed via Two Owls only as a data source for the Two Owls-created Catalog?

Yes, that would ensure the pixel events share the same content (product id or variant id) with the items submitted to the catalog. Otherwise, Facebook won't be able to match the events with the items!

Review your Catalog

That’s it. You’ve successfully linked your products to Facebook and can now start designing your retargeting ads campaigns.

Don't have permission to create a catalog? Use a Feed URL instead.

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πŸ””There are certain boxes you need to check to ensure the optimal operation of the app. Don't miss this!

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