❗Choose the right pixel

Eliminate the possibility of duplication or even tripled events

Avoid accidental mess: for data accuracy's sake, carefully ensure that you don't put the same pixel ID in Two Owls and some other pixel installation methods!

This is because the Two Owls app’s code already does the necessary thing to capture & send events upon an event instance, and other apps would probably do the same thing to your pixel.

Common places our users forgot to remove the pixel from 👀
  • Facebook Sales Channel

  • Native Shopify integration in Settings -> Preference

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Pixels were previously hardcoded to the theme

How to disconnect a pixel from the original Facebook Sales Channel?

How to remove a pixel from Shopify Preference?

Basically, a pixel connected to the Facebook app will also show up in the Shopify Preference -> Facebook Pixel box. Just follow the above guidance to disconnect it.

👀 Not so sure? If you still see over-reporting or unwanted events in your Events Manager, chances are you are still double firing the pixel somewhere. No worries, codes are leftover sometimes. Just contact us for support!


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