Monitor what's sent

Double-confirm that your CAPI is working to your success
💡 If you haven’t enabled CAPI to overcome browser limitations, definitely check this out on how to set it up. Otherwise, you won't be able to monitor the data here.

Two Owls Dashboard - A quick glance

Dashboard is your go-to place to take a look at the overall server events sent and conversion rate funnel, store-wide.
  • Filter events by date range and event name
  • Monitor server events sent to Facebook through Conversion API
  • You can only look up for data no more than 60 days into the past
  • The dashboard reports all server events sent, regardless of the pixel IDs.
  • The events are recorded at the time they happen, following the time zone you set in Event Setting
Prefer watching? Take a look below:

Two Owls' CAPI analytics - A detailed look

Analytics is where you dive deeper into each pixel (with CAPI on)'s performance
Here's how Two Owls Analytics helps you to monitor your CAPI performance:
  • Real-time report: Assess how many page views, view content, add to cart, initiated checkout & purchase events have been successfully sent to Facebook
  • Conversion Rate Funnel: breakdown by pixels
  • Revenue: View the revenue associated with the purchases sent
  • Examine orders sent: Clickable order ID that leads you to the order detail page in Shopify
A detailed analytics screen that offers great insights

Need some exports?

CSV Exports: Yes, we heard you. Exports are now available for both the Event Report table and Purchase Report table for more detailed analysis on your own
What’s included in the order value of a purchase event?
If you’ve checked “Shipping fee” in Event Setting, Omega captures what shows up on the thank_you page. It’s the total amount your customers pay for the order. If you leave the “Shipping fee” unchecked, Omega captures only the Subtotal amount.
Hurray! Now that your tracking is all set, it's time to get yourself a competitive advantage by having access to a faster & more accurate attribution report