Get your Pixels ready

Install the right pixels, and install the pixels right
To start sending your website traffic to Facebook, all you need to do is to give Two Owls your pixel ID(s) and tell us where they will be firing.
If you're super new to the field, you might want to read this first:
Now, let's go!

1. Pass the pixel ID (data set ID) to Two Owls

Just paste the ID and remember to choose a tracking area

2. Integrate Two Owls with your Online Store 2.0 theme

Integrate Two Owls with your Online Store
Required if you're using a 2.0 theme, such as Dawn.
That's it! Your Pixel is technically ready to fire!
Hold on a minute: To cross-check if your pixel installation is error-free, you'll need to ship some test events to Facebook and see if they all arrive.
Did you know? 90% of Two Owls users don't stop at Pixel installation. That's because they want to level up their tracking with server-side integration with Facebook, aka Conversion API.
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