Fix your Facebook reporting delay

Metrics now can take up to 72hrs to show up in your Ads Manager
You know that feeling, that awkward silence, that emptiness when you stare at your Ads Manager. Shopify session details tell you that you've got this traffic from Facebook, but Facebook says nothing. That's probably the notorious delay happening. But you don't have the time to wait.
Here's how you would get better and faster Ads Attribution

Two Owls - Facebook Ads Report

Real-time reporting of where sales come from, and a longer attribution window by Two Owls reports.
📝Want to understand how this is different from Google Analytics or Shopify UTM report? Check out this blog on Facebook Ads attribution tool - The good, the bad, and the unknown (Two Owls UTM solution)​
🦄Get ahead: Half of our users are taking advantage of this to peek into their ad performance faster. Join the pioneers!