Meet Two Owls

Starting today, your Ads tracking is on a next level
Two Owls is here to you get off on the right foot with accurate tracking + attribution
Our goal is simple:
first, get your tracking right;
then, get your insights right
To set you up for the right expectation:
What we promise
  • Bring you the best of both (tracking) world with our turnkey server-side Conversion API solution running in parallel with browser-side pixels.
What's CAPI you asked? In plain English, it's a complex setup made simple by Two Owls to bring about data-rich tracking for the time-poor folks like yourself!
  • Get you a helicopter and detailed view of your campaign performance via attribution dashboard. You know which ads got the sales sooner than FB Ads Manager.
  • Help you sync your Shopify products in simple clicks, and save your time on your Dynamic Product Ads workflow.
Did you know? Our user database shows that for every 1 browser event sent, there are roughly around 1.3 server ones sent. Imagine how much of an event loss you could face without Conversion API in this IOS 14 world!

Getting Started

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to the most out of the app as quickly as possible:
Important: There are some boxes you need to check to ensure the app's smooth operation.