Two Owls tracking mode

Starting today, your Ads tracking is on a next level
facebook pixel and conversion api
Pixel + Conversion API

Pixel Owl: The good-old day of “just Facebook Pixel” has far gone.

Navigating the conversion game is hard. Running conversion ads without a captain telling your ads who to target, is a surefire way to fail.
A simple Facebook Pixel used to be able merchants get sales from the most relevant folks, out of the billions of Facebook users.

However, Facebook Pixel has always had its limitations

To name just a few, a Facebook Pixel working merely on the browser side will obviously suffer from
  • Connectivity issues
  • Ad blockers
  • Cookie blockers
The IOS 14+ restriction added fuel to the fire, making the Facebook Pixel alone even more helpless, with 90% of IOS users opting out of tracking.

Conversion API owl: The silent hero to effective Facebook Ad testing and scaling post-IOS14

Conversion API (CAPI) silently works on the server side to:
  • Ensure no conversion events go unnoticed, even when the Pixel alone is blocked
  • Send events packed with rich signals to drive profile matching + reporting
The data that CAPI is able to capture ultimately assists more relevant targeting & reduced CPM and higher ROAS.
Two Owls mode matters: It’s impossible to test and scale correctly with guesswork. When the duo of Pixel owl + CAPI owl joins force, you’re doing your budget a huge favor by giving Facebook more tracking signal + data points it needs.
Let’s activate Two Owls. To profitable land!

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