Event Match Quality (EMQ)

In Facebook's own words:

Event Match Quality indicates how effective the customer information sent from your server may be at matching event instances to a Facebook account. High-quality event matching may improve ads attribution and performance

Simply put, the higher the EMQ, the more indication that the server events you send are packed with insightful matching keys for Facebook to trace back the events to the users and the campaigns/ad clicks.

What matching parameters is Two Owls sending for my events?

📝Non-purchase event: For events that happen earlier in the funnel, like page view, view content, add to cart, and initiate checkout, we are sending these matching parameters beside all the event parameters:

  • fbp

  • fbc

  • IP address

  • User-Agent (browser information)

📝Did you know? The above 4 keys are the most fundamental for a match to happen, meaning that's the bare minimum that a server event should carry.

📝Purchase event: Two Owls CAPI tracks 100% of purchases via order webhook, and below are all the customer data parameters that the purchases carry with.

Why is the EMQ for my Page View, View Content, Add to Cart events are so low?

If you're getting around 3-5, that's actually a good start. Higher funnel events will have lower match quality than the purchases because there will be for sure a lack of information at those steps (e.g. you can't have email & phone available if the shoppers don't log in, or haven't made in pass checkout).

Can Two Owls send email and phone with the non-purchase events to improve my EMQ?

If this is your first-time buyer, we can't send that because we don't have those available at the moment the events happen.

🦄But if they're repeat buyers and the Pixel has captured events of the in the past, then you can have the email & phone sent with these.

Will Two Owls CAPI events improve my Event Match Quality?

First off, to get a 10 out of 10 scores for EMQ, you have to ensure that all available customer data parameters are sent with 100% of server conversion events. That's almost impossible with higher funnel events.

🎉With purchase events, you should expect good or above the average match quality (our users get around 7-9!), because we send all extra information when applicable!

Not seeing the EMQ? Chances are your server events are so new and it takes at least 7 days for Facebook to start calculating or you haven't set up Conversion API at all. 👇

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