🌐Verify sending domains

Verify, so Facebook knows you have the right!

đŸĻ„Protecting your data: Verifying sending domain is a way for Facebook to know that you have permission to send conversion data from the site to the pixel. If they don't have this, imagine how everyone would be able to send malicious data to your pixel, messing up your pixel altogether!

Let's follow 8 simple steps to verify your domain!

📝Preparation: - Shopify side: You need to have access to the header section of your Shopify theme, or have contact with people that do. - Facebook side: Your account needs to be assigned with the Admin permission to be able to verify a domain

Copy the meta verification tag from Facebook

Paste the verification tag to the head section of your theme

Confirm verification

CAPI events for IOS 14.5 opted-out users: Two Owls Conversion API track 100% of sales, but for Facebook to be able to use that data for ad targeting or optimization, you need to ensure that the events are listed in the 8 prioritized conversion event list!

âŦ†ī¸Set up Aggregated Event Measurement

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