Ship your very first events to Facebook

Test your full-funnel events & see what show up on Facebook's end
What's the concept? Put simply, pretend you're a shopper and make a test purchase so you can see if the full-funnel events fire properly or not.

Test browser events

Check this out if you haven't installed your pixel via Two Owls yet.
Now let’s test a series of actions and see if they arrive properly at the Test Events tab of your pixel.

Give Facebook your store domain

Give Facebook Test Tool your store domain and start testing on your storefront

Watch the browser events arrive at your Events Manager

Full-funnel events should fire

Test server events

Check this out if you haven't toggled Conversion API on

Get the test event code from Facebook

Get the test event code

Give Two Owls your test event code

test event code
Give Two Owls your test event code
Go to your storefront and test some page views, view content, add to cart, initiate checkout & purchase events.

Verify deduplication

Did deduplication happen? If you're shipping Facebook both browser events (via Pixel) and server events (via Conversion API), they should be deduplicated. Reach us if you're not seeing that!

Test events with Facebook Pixel Helper

In case you don't currently have access to your Pixel in Facebook Events Manager, or you want a quicker option, follow this video to test your events.
Monitor tracking performance: You can proactively check which server events were sent to Facebook by Two Owls on a daily basis, in the Analytics tab.
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