⏰Define a timezone

Ensure there are no discrepancies in Events Manager report

βœ…This will tell Two Owls to record your events at the same timezone as the one Facebook uses to report your events, meaning they speak the same time language!

What happens if I don't set this up?

❌You might see some weird mismatch.

πŸ‘‰Event allocated to a date in the past: Say your Ad Account operates in UTC + 5, and there was a purchase that happened at 1 a.m on June 26 (UTC + 5). Two Owls, by default, will record that event in UTC and send Facebook that this event happened at 8 p.m on June 25 (according to UTC).

Facebook understands this as is, without converting the timezone. That means you won't see that purchase showing up on the 26th in the EM! πŸ‘‰Events coming from "the future": In the same manner, some events appear to come from the "future" and Facebook won't accept them. Timezone mismatch is the culprit here.

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