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Where do I get a pixel ID? 🧐
If you're new to the field, this guide helps with everything to get your pixel ready
Should I delete the Facebook Channel app? 🤔
Not necessarily. You can keep the app for other purposes but for pixel installation, make sure you pick the right pixel ID to put in Omega so there won't be a conflict.
What good does CAPI do for me? 🤖
Pixel is super vulnerable and operating at half capability after the IOS 14 updates. Conversion API covers up the tracking loss due to opted-out IOS devices. This means more data and better reporting. Overall, you'll feed Facebook more valuable data to optimize your Facebook ads.
There is so much you can't control in this turbulence of the ad world, but leveling up your tracking is a rare one you can fix.

Reporting & Attribution

Is there a way to fix Facebook's 3-day reporting delay? 🕛
Yes. Make full use of UTM parameters. They're not affected by IOS updates so you'll have access to the accurate & real-time picture of your ad performance. We offer a built-in dashboard for this purpose with one thing in mind: accuracy. Check it out here.
My Ads Manager is reporting my sales all wrong. Why? 💊
There could be many culprits causing this. But if you've ensured you tested your tracking and everything is firing fine, then it boils down to either reporting delay or attribution window (which are both consequences of the Apple ATT's axe). You can't fix the delay directly in the AM, because Facebook needs more time to process and report events from folks who opted out of tracking. Delay is the new reality you'll have to live with. Alternative solution? UTM dashboard.
When your sales fall outside of the attribution window (which is now a 7-day click post-IOS 14), your AM is completely blind. Even if you wait, nothing's gonna show up. That's when you need a custom attribution window.

Targeting & Optimization

Will CAPI improve my Ad performance? 💰
If you're looking for a direct causation link, then it will not. But Conversion API contributes a tremendous part in getting your ad spend in the right direction. In other words, Conversion API helps get your tracking right and feeds Facebook the most complete picture you can. With Conversion API, you can still send Facebook a purchase event from an IOS opted-out device, and use that data to feed the optimization algo (with Aggregated Events Measurement). Without Conversion API, you'll only be feeding Facebook the data the Pixel can collect from Android and IOS opted-in devices (which is not so many). That means optimizing your campaigns based on half the truth and eventually wasted ad spend.
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