EComposer x Two Owls

Safeguard your ATC events

Nature of integration

If you’re using EComposer Landing Page Builder, chances are you might be using a non-native Add to Cart button, which belongs to EComposer itself.

πŸ’‘Prevent missed events: Since Two Owls, by default, is only able to capture ATC events from buttons that come from native Shopify themes, any third-party replacement might render us unable to track the button clicks. The integration thus ensures your Two Owls pixel won’t miss any of your events due to this reason.

How the integration works

The teams have worked together so Two Owls will be able to fire an ATC event when someone clicks on such button elements from EComposer.

πŸ’‘No action needed from your side: If you’re using both apps, the integration is already running, so you can feel free to try out the EComposer button elements while rest assured your events are neatly captured.

About EComposer

EComposer is the top-rated Shopify Page Builder app that is beginner-friendly, conversion-focused and freely customizable. You can easily build numerous page types such as Landing pages, Homepage, Product pages, Collection Pages, Blogs and other standard ones. Anyone can design stores with EComposer live drag & drop editor, using our huge element library. With 70+ design-made pages/sections templates, you save tons of time & effort building your store. Especially the app provides 50+ extensions built-in and top app integrations, which definitely helps power up your store performance. Section builder is also one of the must-have try functions in EComposer. Create any sections, customize them your way and add it to your Shopify theme easy as a piece of cake.

You can try the Free plan of EComposer and the 24/7 Livechat support will assist you any time along your work.

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