2️⃣Required App Embed

Your events won't be firing if you don't toggle this on.

What is Theme App Extension all about?
  • It’s a different way to integrate third-party apps (like Omega) with your Online Store. It’s more intuitive, a toggle away, and much more optimal.

  • Previously, for Omega to work, we have to do some technical thing behind the scene that usually involves automatically injecting scripts/snippets to your theme. And sometimes if the theme is not compatible, we would have to do it manually - the hard-coded way.

  • Then with the current trend of merchants increasingly moving 2.0, Shopify offers us third-party integration through a better method - theme app extension.

πŸ’‘We try our best to explain this to non-tech people, but if you are more tech-savvy and would like to learn more, just ask us.

Integrate Two Owls with your Online Store via Theme app extension

Just go to this page in your theme editor via this address


Why is this necessary?

There are multiple benefits to this:

  • Enabling App Embeds allows Omega to stay fully compatible with your (future) OS 2.0 & reduces the burden on your end. You will less likely be asked for access to the theme by us.

  • With this, you can be assured the app stops functioning at the moment you uninstall it. No ghost snippets, left-over code messing up with your theme beyond uninstallation.

πŸ‘‰We would like to urge you to take this action asap because there will probably be no traditional integration in the future - meaning if you don’t do this the app might stop working sometime in the future.

What if I've already added Two Owls scripts to my theme before this?

No worries. You can still enable app embeds and we will automatically switch the workaround. The app will work with your theme the "embeds" way from the moment you enable it.

What if Two Owls has added some custom snippets to my theme to track a special button?

If you enable app embeds, we'll carry over the custom snippet along with the embeds, so rest assured your customization will remain intact.

πŸ‘‰This is only true as long as you don’t switch the theme. If you ever decide to switch and we have customized something for you before, remember to contact us for a thorough check-up.

Is adding Two Owls Script at the Order Status Page still required if I have embedded the app this way?

Yes, still required because that ensures your purchases fire properly.

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