Understanding data absence

Event loss is hard to bear, but Two Owls has the solution!
96% of US IOS users opt-out of tracking...
And millions use cookie blockers, ad blockers When they do, the Pixel is literally helpless
Pixel limitation: Pixel is a bit vulnerable because it’s easily shut down entirely by anything in the browsers that don’t allow third-party Javascript to load.
Then, Conversion API came in to save the day
CAPI to the rescue: CAPI will be fully active no matter the weather, sending data from a server to Facebook’s server. So it’s strong, cool, calm, and collected.
But there is always a trade-off. CAPI is very tech-demanding, while there are tons of one-click Pixel installations for you to choose from.
If you’re a bit technical then here goes the bonus flow:
TL;DR? CAPI ensures no data loss, Facebook is happy because it gets the full picture of what’s happening. Think of it as the big brother protecting its little brother - Pixel.
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