IOS 14 effects on Facebook Attribution window

Why you won't be able to see the full picture of how conversions happen as you used to be

What is Facebook attribution exactly?

It's how Facebook finds out which ads your sales came from.
The attribution window went from 28-day click, 7-day view to 7-day click, 1-day view after the IOS 14 update.

How shorter attribution window affect your business?

📝If you're selling high-ticket products, chances are you might be seeing a huge drop in performance. That doesn't necessarily mean your marketing effort is getting worse. It could be that most of your purchases fall out of the 7-day window because it takes more time to turn your browsers into customers.

The perfect fix for Facebook's shortened attribution window

Understanding the pain this gives, we develop our own Ads Report tab that give you:
  • Real-time Reporting of where sales came from
  • Flexible Attribution Window: defaulted at 14-day click but you can definitely request to stretch it or shorten it.
Check the feature out below
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